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So, I've been looking over the script a bit last night, kinda fine-tuning the rest of the chapter.  There's still about a month of updates left to this one, give or take a post day as I hum and haw over whether one particular scene will be a two-pager or two separate updates. There's been a lot of complaints about cliffhangers lately (which is admittedly a little frustrating on my end), but I've been extra excited for this chapter due to it ultimately offering a fair bit of resolution (or at least direction) to a number of arcs. And I sincerely hope you enjoy what's to come.

Following this chapter though, I always had plans for a hiatus. Originally, it was going to be for one week, to begin Moonlight Wanderers, (my second planned comic that I've brought up from time to time, albeit mostly in passing). But I think I'm going to extend that.

You might recall that before this current chapter, I took off from posting so I could have a week-long working hiatus.  The plan was so I could get ahead with the page buffer again and lessen the deadline stress a bit. Then I got sick, lasting pretty much the entire week, and allowing me to get no work done. So, cue me coming back and starting our current chapter with no page buffer and continued deadline stress.  (I mean, technically speaking, if there's ever an ideal time to get sick and not be able to work, it'd be when I'm not posting anyway. But still, it was very inconvenient for me!) ^^;

So, after this chapter is over, I'm gonna try that working hiatus again. I'm thinking two months, actually.  And I realize is a long time (not as bad as last year's unplanned four month hiatus in the middle of a chapter, mind you), but bear with me here.

Part of it is going to be for building up the page buffer. And part of it is going to be so I can work on Volume 5 untethered to the usual stress. I will also probably use that time to work on Moonlight Wanderers some more as well. Without the stress of deadlines - and maybe an actual relaxing week or two off somewhere in there - I think I'll be able to get a lot done.

Ideally, MW will start in the middle of the hiatus somewhere there, so it's not like you'll have nothing from me, and with the planned one-page-per-week structure I have in mind for that comic, it shouldn't be too intrusive to my work schedule. I think this is going to be win-win for everybody.

But I'm saying this all now, so that there's hopefully no surprises. The current chapter ends in late June, and then I go on hiatus. MW will start sometime in July. And Rain will return in the first or second week of September. I promise I'll have exact dates lined up before the end of this chapter, and of course, I will keep to them.

But before we need to worry about any of that, please enjoy the rest of the coming chapter over the next month. I'm really happy with what's to come, so I hope you'll like it too. ^_^


Jocelyn Samara D.
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I'm a gamer, anime fan, trans girl, and author/artist of the webcomic, Rain.


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Do you follow digimon by any chance?
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Seriously, how in the hell is Halloween Princess Pandora like thing non existing already? That sounds AWESOME!
Are you a fan of Hellsing, magical girl anime and/or Hellsing Ultimate Abridged?
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how long has "Rain" existed? i'm confused 
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WarioJim Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018
Thought I'd catch up on Rain again since it's been a while for me. You're doing a good job! Hug 

I still think about the character Chad though, I've been wondering where he is. I guess I thought his introduction made him out like he'd be important later, but that was more and assumption on my part.
EERIE-ECH0 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018   General Artist
Stumbled here by accident, but I wanted to say you look pretty!
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