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August 8, 2011
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RAIN p109 - Those Left Behind by JocelynSamara RAIN p109 - Those Left Behind by JocelynSamara
(The second of two to be posted today. I don't like doing it like this, but I've mentioned recently, my hands are kinda tied at the moment. I guess these two pages go together anyway.)

First - [link]
Prev - [link]
Next - [link]

Very heavy page, with lots of new info on Fara and KellenÖ and a little bit about Mrs. Flaherty.

Just a reminder: There will be no new pages for the rest of this week or next week. Iím taking a hiatus to play a little bit of catch up with my progress on the comic. Updates will resume its normal schedule on Sunday, August 21st with Chapter 5. With any luck, Iíll have the opportunity to post a few Rain Delays during that time, in the very least. ^_^

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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I want to know what Kellen thinks of how the relationship ultimately worked out.
JocelynSamara Jan 17, 2013  Professional Writer
Do you mean what she thinks of her former relationship with... you know who? (Kinda spoilery, I probably shouldn't say it here.)
I meant what does she think of the ultimate fate of Aiken x Jessica?
UsagiKnight Sep 10, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I love this page, it proves how information can be told to us while still in the background. To this day, I still think Mr. and Mrs. Flaharty have some of the most ominous prescence in the story and in someway it is echoed in their children. Makes you worry if they are really hiding something really hard to hear. And Hearing Fara's perception of her sister makes her kind of like a Doppelganger to Kellen. That they longed to be happy only to be heart broken. But despite what Kellen feels in her youth, Fara grew up to have Nieces/Nephews that look up to her. Something that should make anyone happy.

This was a beautiful way to technically end the chapter. Hope the next chapter can be just as beautiful, if not with so much anxst.
well, dont keep the suspence going for too long ^.^
aunt fara is like our personal yoda
For one, we learn that Kellen also was engaged, but that her douchecastle fiance broke it off. Maybe Kellen is afraid that Jessica (yes, I had to go back to p.104 to find her name) will do the same to Aiken. It may not be a fault of Jessica's character, but instead a paranoia created by Kellen's bad experiences. Or, as Aunt Fara points out, it could be jealousy for Aiken's situation.
AND we learn that Aunt Fara was jealous of Mrs. Rainsmomerson. Instead of being happy for another's good fortune, she became disappointed with her own bad fortune. Nothing good can come from jealousy, and it looks like Aunt Fara has abandoned, and regrets holding, those feelings. Hopefully, Kellen will be able to do the same. And we can only hope that Aunt Fara will find love someday...
Even if these two strips are awkwardly placed (should I call it chapter 4.5?) I really like them. Enjoy your "vacation", and I can't wait for "Rain Delay"s!
we shall await!
dood hezvy staf T.T Im in tear's
Musicallover1234 Aug 8, 2011  Student Writer
Well it is heavy, and sad, but things will always get better. The new info is pretty interesting and helpful in a lot ways as well.
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