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July 7, 2011
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RAIN p.93 - Transition by JocelynSamara RAIN p.93 - Transition by JocelynSamara
(I can't wait until I have consistent, reliable internet again so I can go back to following some semblance of a normal posting schedule.)

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Transition isnít easy. As Rain describes, itís expensive and it takes a long time (I believe the fastest complete transition Iíve ever heard of was just shy of two years). Thereís no quick and easy route for anyone. And if you want/need it, you WILL have to work for it. Period.

But this is not intended to scare anyone from following through with it if they think itís something they need to do. Rather, I think itís a good idea - for especially the trans youth - to really know and understand the reality of what you need to do and what has to happen to go through with it. As much as it would be nice to wave a magic wand or find a genieís lamp or fall into a cursed spring, these options donít exist. Iím sorry; escapism is nice and fun, but the sooner you accept the truth and prepare for the ordeal that is required of you with transition, the sooner you can go through with it and no longer require the escapism.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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InhumanCreator Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student General Artist
ouch... getting your D cut off... sounds painful D:
the1smjb Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
I don't suppose you could link to some of that info Rain mentioned? In one of my many unfinished novels I'm writing a trans character...
Ryu890 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012
This....this is my biggest stumbling block right now....I don't have any money...and am entirely financially dependent on ignorant jerks who are too busy being "Right" to listen....
UsagiKnight Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I can definitely tell these few pages are purely explanation pages in the voice of explaining trans to straght (personified in Rain and Gavin).

When I was first reading about all the stuff that needs to be done it both fascinated me and scared me. And though I realized their wasn't really any plastic surgury (apart from the big one), going to the doctor for any perscription of hormones and physicals really did make me nervous. At one point it even turned me straight, for two weeks though. But over the years as the actual transition process began to sink into my head I began that phase where I'm accepting the process and still hesitant of it. But I guess growing up with medical parents kind of made me more aware of the risks in anything medical. But I guess what makes the whole thing less scary is what Rain says, which is "It'll make me-for the most part-like any other girl". For some reason a sentence that is so simple and obvious can make so much sense, it even answered Gavin's question before he even asked it.

Enjoy the paneling in that the more confident Rain gets about explaining the process she gets more panel space for it, kind of taking away from Gavin as he tries to understand. Where as the bottom three are simply just reflection of defining what normal is. It is a nice set up for one of those pages you can't help but feel like you learned something.

And on a ending note, though it would be easier to find that cursed spring, I guess there is nothing we can do about it except to go the long way around transition. And hopefully reach teh end beautifully.
Maiden-Of-The-Maggot Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Noone can really be considered normal, we are all different ^-^
COMPUTERMANMIK428 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
sorry for not responding for 10 days i was camping.
xxxman123 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
What was all those hidden by owner comments?
JocelynSamara Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011  Professional Writer
Someone double-posted and then some. It was the exact same message 11 times. Innocent mistake, if a little clutter-inducing; so I just hid all of the others for easier browsing. ^_^
xxxman123 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
alrite then
seraphim-kimiko Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Poor Rain. I know the feeling of trying to describe to your friends and family what it all means, and how awkward these questions and answers are.

How are you normal? I'm not. But I wish I was. Life would be easier if I was normal.

But then I wouldn't be ME.
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