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May 8, 2011
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RAIN p.67 - Family Matters by JocelynSamara RAIN p.67 - Family Matters by JocelynSamara
(Posting about 40 minutes early because… it feels right. I know that sounds dumb, but it just does.)

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You, uh… dropped your pizza, Heather. ^_^

Aunt Fara always knows how to tactfully ask all of the right questions. Heather, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to quite understand the question. Cue further awkwardness.

By the way, for reasons unknown, panel 5 cracks me up.

Rain, all characters and all other aspects of the story are copyright material belonging to me.
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Ryu890 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
Faaaaail. Heather faaaaaaaaail.
eleventhdr Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
yes and ins't it a real pity that fmailies have to be this way alwasy so dysfuctual and over such small matters o whyone in a family just might be kind of diffeent he hse might be born wrong that is a boy who has alwasy wanted to be a girl or vice vrsa what is the big deal about that you woul stil e a person but of the ohter gender and or sex so why is that such a big deal wetehr you are a boy or a girl you woul stll be basicaly the same person jsut the other sex but people are weird they jsut can not se what is right in front of them and should be accpetable but theydon't make nay allowences for this at all so a personcn bvecome outcast when he she does t dsserve this at all such is my own case i am tg cd lg sissy and male who ahs alwasywaned to be a girl this is not wrong at al but it does become this when you are rejected i did not want it this way butthier it is! thei is nthing wrong with a boy who wants to be a girl nothing at all being a boy or girl should be totally accetable but it is not it is lie it is your own personal problem which it is not i am who how and what i am and that is not my fault it is jsut how i m i am male but want to be a girl!
Dark7Hero Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
it's like bizarro rain story going just on the other side of the fence
UsagiKnight Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Its great to return back to the Anti-Fara. And to witness her confusion to the questions brought up.

To be honest, I enjoy how you write about the people that 'Don't Get It'. The reason why I point this out is that Heather really is one of the most real characters. Especially since she took Fara's question to be offensive. Though Fara, after living with Rain, wants to be as respectful as she can to the situation.

I don't want to probe the situation when its premature, so I'll just point this out. I do believe that the 'sister's' own tg issues most likely caused concern within the family. So Heather, being the good sister she sees herself as, thought that staying with her will help the situation. That is purely speculation, but considering Heather in relation to Fara, its most likely the case. Sometimes family will just support you in the wrong ways sometimes.

Either way, love your further of attention to detail. This is really a development that some people need to read no matter how hard it may be.
Chicken-Yuki Featured By Owner May 10, 2011   Traditional Artist

Am I the only one imagining Heather laughing like Wario on that last panel? ^^;
majorkerina Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Student Writer
^_^ hehe
majorkerina Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Student Writer
I love Fara's expressions.
xeyehategodx Featured By Owner May 9, 2011
Zomgkitty42 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Lol that was reaction I got when I first came out to my friends and walked into the room dressed completely like a girl.
kidotrar Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So many grey shirts! You really went for diversity here, didn't ya? ;D
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