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February 26, 2011
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Cute and Gothish - REDO by JocelynSamara Cute and Gothish - REDO by JocelynSamara
Although he didn't create it, I unapolagetically stole this meme from :iconaikoux: who's also done it. I thought you guys might like something to break up the long weekend a little. :D

Anyway, the premise behind this is that you take an older piece in your gallery and recreate it all fresh and new, utilizing the artistic talents you've spent some amount of time honing. This sounded like oodles of fun, and I wanted to try it.

I used Cute and Goth-ish which was posted (quite coincidentally) almost four years to the day ago. Incidentally, I don't remember exactly when I drew it, but I'm pretty sure it actually dates back to several years earlier even (like 2004, I think). At one time I called it the best thing I ever drew; it's aged pretty well, I think, but my more artistic eyes can't ignore how disproportionate it is.

Then there's the fact that I didn't even do the shading (because as much as I'm iffy with shading today, I was infinitely WORSE then), so I can't even mention this old piece without crediting a my friend ~Stuntastik30 for shading it for me (whom I have unfortunately lost contact with, and he hasn't signed in almost 2 years).

The NEW one (you know, this one) is still ironically pretty flawed, but certainly vastly improved. Featured are the same two nameless (presumably goth) girls sharing a tender moment. The innocent-looking redhead is passed out feeling secure next to her girlfriend(?), while the one who's still awake is just in awe of how freaking adorable she is. So, the idea remains exactly the same, but the execution is quite a bit different. Unlike the original, I wouldn't call this the best thing I've ever drawn for my current level of artistry, but I'm still rather fond of how it's come out.

Your thoughts?
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DrakanorDream Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
UberGamerX Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
That redhead.......:iconpervplz:
Maiden-Of-The-Maggot Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
:iconblushplz: its so cute i cant take it!
Hipster-kei-rei Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
How sweet^^
ExiaConquista Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011
A vast improvement over the previous one IMO. =D Makes me want to try this out.
coffinstufferd Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
i loved looking at the past and present version! that was very insightful and maybe a little inspiring, i will have to look into peoples past works compared to their new works more often!
Chicken-Yuki Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011   Traditional Artist
I wish this was a pseudo-manga cover or "Chapter Page" or something. It's almost begging to fool others into think there's a follow-up to this.

And of course, my black and red palette fettish is fulfilled yet again. XD
Wynaut Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
JocelynSamara Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011  Professional Writer
I'm glad you like it! :D
Wynaut Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
I like the original :D
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